This is me...Lorraine Duffy (formerly McKay)  Sugar Artist, Author and Tutor!  I began cake decorating as a hobby in 2003 which quickly became a very addictive passion.  What started out as making cakes for family and friends soon turned into a frenzy of requests from people outside of my own circle.  A Business began...and so did the stress, grey hairs and long, looooong hours.  

But hey!  Life is a never ending path of challenges.  I wasn't to know then that cake decorating would lead into a whole new world of sugar AND art.  


I have never taken my own art seriously until I discovered what I could do with Sugar Paste.  Realising my ability to create little people with this kind of edible medium was fascinating to say the least.  Now, with 5 years of travelling to various cities in the U.S.A., Malaysia, Nigeria, Canada, Australia, Europe, AND all over the UK teaching my skills, it was time to write that book!


"Fun Figures ~ cute character cake toppers for all occasions" was published in October 2014.  I hope to write a follow up one day.  My passion for the craft will never diminish so let me share it with you.  Follow me on my journey in discovering what is coming next.  I've no idea...I'm just as excited as you!

Lorraine  x